Skedmaker Online Appointment Scheduling
First month of appointment scheduling is free

Skedmaker is an online appointment system that lets your clients make an appointment with you via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are no files to download, nothing to install on your computer and no contract to sign. Sign up now and you can be taking appointments online in minutes!

Don't let our price fool you. Skedmaker is a POWERFUL tool, loaded with features to help give your business an extra boost in today's digital world!

Who can benefit from using Skedmaker? EVERYONE!
  • Tax Professionals
  • Stylists & Beauticians
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Business Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • City Officials
  • Pet Groomers
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Artists
  • Wellness Providers
  • Craftsmen & Skilled Workers
  • Landscapers
  • Lesson Givers
  • Counselors
  • the list goes on...

  • We are committed to helping you with your scheduling, and offer full support along with our vow to NEVER share your information with third parties.

    If you have your own website, we'll show you how the code for your schedule can be easily embedded into it. If not, you can direct clients to your Skedmaker page — for example.

    Complete Customization of Your Schedule
    Create your own schedule, and get e-mailed when clients make an appointment. Allow for multiple appointments at the same time.

    Maintain your appointment book online, from anywhere you have access to the internet. Select the duration of your appointments on any day, from 15 minute times to full-day appointments.

    We're also mobile friendly...

    That's right, manage your schedule from your smartphone or tablet device!

    Upload a profile photo or image to show who you are. Enter a detailed profile of your business including location, phone numbers, website address and more.

    You control every part of your schedule with our easy-to-use administrator pages. You don't have to know a drop of code to customize your site. Just select from the menu options to create a completely unique calendar page.

    Easy to Embed into Your Website
    Using iframes, embedding your schedule into YOUR website is as easy as copy and paste!

    All you have to do is copy a couple lines of code from your administration home page into your website and your entire calendar is visable from any web page.

    Does your business have multiple employees with different schedules?

    They each can create an account and then links to their schedules can be created on your site.

    Please contact us if you have questions about how you can get Skedmaker to work with your site.

    Quick, Easy Convenient
    Making appointments, and cancelling appointments takes time. Why go through the trouble of maintaining your appointment book, when we'll do it for you! And all of your appointments are in one easy-to-get-to place that's simple to use.

    Give your clients the ability to shchedule themselves at their own convenience — at any time of the day. They can see all available appointments for any given day for the next year all on one page.

    People like to make their own appointments easily and quickly. Having all your available openings on one page helps them to save time. And if they have to cancel, a notification will be e-mailed to both you and your client and the appointment immediately becomes open in your schedule.

    You get to set the information you require from clients when an appointment is made with you. Chose to have your client enter their name, email, phone number and more.

    Your client may also add a message to you in their appointment spot. A hairdresser'sclient, for example, may use this to specify what style they are looking to get.

    If you want to manage your appointments yourself, you can disable the feature that allows outside users to make appointments. You may then log in to your account and set appointments yourself.

    Fits Any Budget
    If after your trial you decide you like our service, you may continue your subscription for just $25 a month. We also offer a discount on a yearly subscription.

    A full year subscription is only $250.00 — saving you $50.00 off our already inexpensive price!

    There is no contract to sign and no obligation to continue your subscription, you may cancel at any time.

    We also build personalized scheduling sites and content management systems — rates by appraisal. SUPER CHEAP!!! Contact Skedmaker

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