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Fully customizable
There isn't much about Skedmaker that you can't customize to fit your own needs.

From the days and time of your appointments, to the color scheme of your schedule – you can add your own personal style to your calendar to make it your own.

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100% free for your clients to use
Your clients don't have to pay to use Skedmaker.

They don't have to create a user name or password either.

Who wants to do all that when you just want to make a quick appointment?

All your clients have to do is select the appointment they want, enter their contact information, click a button and the appointment is made.

An e-mail confirmation is sent to them and a notification is also e-mailed to you.

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You don't need to have a website
It's not necessary to have a website to use Skedmaker.

Your schedule is saved on our server and you may direct your clients to visit our site to book their appointments.

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No files or apps to download or install
Unlike many scheduling applications, Skedmaker is completely web-based.

If you have an internet connection, you are ready to use Skedmaker.

We are mobile friendly, so you can even manage your schedule from your smartphone or tablet device.

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Manage everything online
Your settings and color scheme are all managed online with easy-to-use web forms, checklists and menus.

Simply go down the list of settings, choose the options you want and click save.

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Set your available appointment times
You can set default operating hours and times you are available for each day of the week.

You can also create 'custom day templates' and apply these to specific days on your calendar.

If you need to certain days from being booked, on holidays for example, you may disable them so clients may not schedule on those days.

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Allow your clients to schedule themselves
Skedmaker gives your clients the opportunity to open your schedule and see the appointments that are currently available in real time.

They can book their own appointment and also cancel if they need to 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Get e-mails when appointments are made
When clients make an appointment, a confirmation e-mail is sent out.

Both you and your client receive a copy of the e-mail that includes all the details of their appointment.

The e-mail also contains a link, which will bring them to a cancellation page if they need to cancel.

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Mobile/Smart Phone/Tablet friendly
Skedmaker is designed to work excellently with smartphones and tablet devices, so you can maintain your schedule wherever you are.

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Easily embeds into any website
If you have your own website and would like to include your available appointments, you can easily embed Skedmaker into your site.

On the administration page, you have options for embedding your schedule – choose the one that best suits your needs.

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Multiple appointments can be set for same time
If you or your business have multiple employees and thus have multiple appointments available, you can set your schedule to show how many appointments are available at a given time.

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Block out specific days and times
Skedmaker allows you to block entire days and even specific times that you don't want to make available for appointments.

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Select info you require before appointment is made
Before your clients make an appointment, you can select the info you need from them.

For example, you may need to get their phone number or e-mail , you may need them to enter a message to you.

These options you can turn on or off from the administration page.

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Select a color theme to match your website
You can change the color theme of your calendar to fit the style your specific business. This is handy if you plan to embed your schedule and want it to match the scheme of your existing website.

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Create a complete company profile
Skedmaker allows you to create a complete profile and input the details of your business.

Location, contact info, and descriptive text are only a couple of the many fields you can enter.

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Upload a profile photo
Upload a photo of you, your team or your company logo to accent your profile.

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Password protect your schedule, for your use only
If your schedule is sensitive and only for your employees or yourself, you may select to use a password to protect it.

This password is different from your administrator login, and won't allow clients to change any settings, only to see the schedule.

You can give the password to only those you want to be viewing it.

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Appointments from 15 minutes long to a full day
Set how long you want your appointments to be.

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Cross-browser compatible
Skedmaker is designed to be compatible with all internet browsing programs.

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Available 24-7
Your clients can book at anytime, wherever they have access to the internet.

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Automatic updates
Updates to the Skedmaker software are performed on the server side. You don't have to worry about keeping up to date on versions.

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Month-to-month or full-year subscriptions
Pick the subscription length that fits your needs.

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Set easy-to-remember name extensions
Create a named link that brings your clients directly to your Skedmaker page.

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Option for social networking
You can opt to have a 'social networking button' on your schedule, so your clients can recommend you to their friends.

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and more!
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